The Out of Towners

Out towners         Most sellers don’t really care who is going to buy their house.   They probably assume it will be someone similar to themselves because they are attracted by the same features. This may not be the case.  There is a big difference between a hometown buyer and an Out of Towner.  It is a little more complex.  Continue reading

Electronic Registration wins the legal battle in Georgia

MERS Wins Federal Court Battles Over Deed of Trust in Georgia, New York, and Texas

Electronic reg

Three federal courts have ruled in favor of Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. (MERS), dismissing borrowers’ suits to quiet title and affirming MERS’ authority to assign the mortgage lien, according to an announcement from MERSCORP Holdings. Continue reading

How fast will my house sell?

fast sale

That is usually the first question we are asked during a listing presentation.  That question is prompted by multiple reasons.  Some people want to sell quickly because they have found another house they want to buy, but they can’t buy it without selling first.  The most common reason though is that your whole life is interrupted when your house is on the market.  It needs to stay showplace clean and smelling good all the time and that is difficult.   So how long do I have to be Debbie Downer to the family about picking up every single thing and making sure mop the kitchen floor every night?  So how long does it take for a house to sell?  It depends on many factors. Continue reading