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Where have all the houses for sale gone?


Where have all the houses gone?  When a house near you goes on the market most people wonder what is the price.  Even people who aren’t in the market for a home notice because that influences what their own home may be worth. There is such a shortage of homes for sale right now even uninterested people are starting to notice: there hasn’t been a house for sale in our subdivision in months and months.  What’s happening?  Where have all the houses for sale gone?  Continue reading

Fannie Mae widens credit box for failed homeowners

Good news for failed borrowers who were negatively impacted during the financial crisis — Fannie Mae updated the policy related to the minimum waiting periods following a preforeclosure sale or deed-in-lieu of foreclosure, making it easier for distressed borrowers to jump back into the market sooner, according to a new fact sheet released by Fannie

(Source: Fannie Mae, click for larger image)



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Housing walks a tightrope

Housing 2014: Finance challenges, pricey houses, mixed gov’t messages


September 8, 2014, by Trey Garrison for Housingwire
The Motley Fool rarely disappoints, and their take on what could happen next in housing seems to be right on target. Thanks to a weak first half of 2014, Fannie Mae now thinks total home sales will actually be lower in 2014 than they were in 2013, and that 2015 won’t be much better. Continue reading