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How do Rental Houses in my subdivision affect me?


If you live in a PUD, more commonly known as a subdivision, rental properties can impact your home’s value in a myriad of ways.  If the house is next door to you, you hope they are conscientious about the lawn and pets.  If you are thinking about selling, all homes in the subdivision sold in the last six months affect your appraisal.  Properties acquired as rentals tend to have sold cheaper, which is why they were attractive to an investor.

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Forget California…


what about Metro Atlanta…

When you read about real estate in the newspaper what is of genuine interest to you?  We see a lot of articles that have been downloaded from national services about things that aren’t really very local.  Does someone in North Georgia care about decorating a small space Manhattan apartment or house prices in Hawaii and Los Angeles are 20 times higher than ours…Probably not. Continue reading

10 years old with only 12,000 miles doesn’t quite work in the real estate market – old is old!

old house

Anyone who is planning to put their home on the market would be very wise to spend some time first looking at their competition.  Any resale home in Metro Atlanta is more than likely competing with a new home.  Even in areas that seem to be “built out” we are seeing older homes being bought, scraped off the land and a brand new home constructed.

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