Who needs a good real estate agent when a buyer can deal directly with the builder or the builder’s agent?

Here are a few facts to consider before walking into a new home subdivision and dealing directly with the builder:


1. Who does the builder’s agent work for and represent?
2. Will the Builder or Builder’s agent encourage me to purchase a home or home site that the builder wants to get quickly off the books?
3. Have I got the experience to pick the best home lot or floor plan that will be easy to resale at a profit?
4. Do I have the practical knowledge to see that the construction is being done correctly?
5. Do I need or will the builder suggest and recommend that I get an independent building inspection to check quality of their construction prior to the sales closing?
6. The home base price looks great and the model home stunning BUT how will I avoid the pitfall of adding too many extras and becoming the highest priced home in the development?
7. What type and quality of after purchase warranties does the builder offer?
8. All successful builders have to work well with the real estate community and offer a buyer’s agent commission that is already included in the sales price. Why would I risk not having a buyer’s agent’s expert representation on my side?
9. Who on my team has a lot of new home buying experience?
10. Could I get a better commission rate on the sale of my existing home if I also used the same agent to purchase the new home?


Pending home sales continue to cool off in September

Cold house

Hit second lowest reading in 2015

Brenda Swanson for Housingwire October 29, 2015

Pending home sales continued to cool off in September, dropping for the second-straight month and to its second lowest index reading in 2015, according to the National Association of Realtors. Additionally, all four major regions experienced a pullback in activity in September. Continue reading